Divine Truth

Divine Truth


The laws of the universe teachers us that there are consequences to our actions in everything we do. When we break the law on earth we are punished and imprisoned and depending on the severity of the crime, some countries would even sentence a person to death. These laws are put in place to hold people accountable and to punish us when we break the law. This punishment or fear of punishment in whichever form prevents us from breaking the laws or rather, it is supposed to but in many cases people are not even afraid of the law.

What about the punishment of God? The worst punishment that man can afflict is death. Do we consider or even know how sever the punishment of God is? If people truly understood the severity of God’s punishment we would not need laws on earth. All the horrific things that people do today would never take place. Why is it that people fear the punishment of man more that they fear the punishment of God? Is it that people are unaware or is it that certain religions downplay God’s punishment and make people believe that if they believe in a certain way that they will be saved or is it that people just do not want to know or really do not care?

There are greater forces at work that further influences mankind to do wrong. To better understand how and why people are influence we have to go back to the beginning of time.

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