WRS History

RESTORATION IS DIVINE and it is a process; it will come to pass and leave LASTING RESULTS, we are not going to stay in one place forever or fade away before we achieve the end of it. The world restoration programme is very SPECIAL to Jesus Christ, it is a programme RESPECTED by all beings in heaven. If humans undermine what heaven honours so highly, all such risks lie with those humans. It must be clear to everyone that this programme is not a destination; it is a passage way to destination world peace.
The TITLE: World Restoration for World Peace, is not man-made, was given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not one of the spiritual waves of Christian revivals that swept the world from one area to the other like a raging storms that move with resultant effects. Restoration has three components. PRE, DURING and POST restoration phases. We are towards the end of the middle component and will be in the post restoration phase. The restoration world transformation comes from Heaven to the world of people through Jesus judgement and deliverance process only. No human effort or power can save the world or rescue it from powers of darkness without Jesus being with him or her.

World restoration removes all evil burdens and free people from slavery for real. It is a people rescue process. Many world_mg_9603eleaders claim to be doing PROGRAMMES TO FREE THE WORLD and to BRING WORLD PEACE, that endless talk amounts to nothing but hopeless and empty words to deceive nations more and more. The POWER TO RESCUE the world is resident in Jesus Christ and that power is given him by God the Father within plans for world purposes for the eternal heritage of those who believe in him. The reality is that everyone who is in bondage in this world remains in the oppression of that bondage until they are spiritually set free.

Those carrying evil burdens are to be delivered or set free, logically; they are to be set free by someone who has more power over the bond that enslaves them. Every party being held in bondage must know that, the source of every burden is satanic because Jesus’ cross is light and that’s all you have to carry. The same applies to the world bond that was planted to enslave the world, without Jesus divine intervention, the world continues to struggle under the heavy weight of burdens of sins and wickedness. The world cannot rescue itself without a supernatural rescuer, one who has outstanding compassion and care. The world needs a serious supernatural FORCE of a very high scale to free it from satanic forces that were used to connect everything to the kingdom of darkness. That is what Jesus is doing now.