Do Muslims worship a moon God?

This question and many others like it are all cynical statements which Christians make against Muslims. I have seen Christian websites with long articles written trying to prove that Muslims worship a moon God. Every website has different theories on this proving that these are all made up fairy tales to stop Christians from converting to Islam. The websites actually state that Christians should not convert to Islam as Muslims worship a pagan moon God.

They use the crescent moon and star symbol which are found on the tops of the minarets of certain mosque and also used as the Halal symbol on food products to prove some of there theories. The crescent moon and star is just a cymbal to show a building is a mosque or if the food is halal in the same way the Christian cymbal is the cross or a fish and the Jewish cymbal is the star of David. Do Christians and Jews worship these cymbals, no. So why would you think that Muslims worship the star and moon? These are just creations of God. The moon determines the start of the Islamic months and the sun gives us day and night. The sun is significant in the times we have to pray. Example: before sunrise, midday, sunset etc. 

Without having to write any argument against this sinister claim I will point your attention to all the other sinister claims that Christians make and then ask which one of these is supposed to be true as they cannot all be true. Some of the claims are that;

  1. Muslims worship a demon
  2. Muslims worship a moon god
  3. Muslims worship the kaaba
  4. Muslims worship the black stone
  5. Muslim worship an idol called Allat

these are but a few but one can clearly see the preposterous claims that are made. Muslims only worship the creator of all things. The one and only God described in the Jewish books and the Bible. The same God that all the prophets was sent by and the same God which Jesus (pbuh) taught his followers about, the God that sent him with the Gospel.  

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