Is there proof that the Quran is the word of God?

  1. The first thing you need to know is that Prophet Muhammad was unlettered. He could neither read nor write and this was Allah’s plan as people would say that Muhammad (pbuh) wrote it himself. A person who is unlettered can in no way be a master of language and writing. This skill can only be acquired and developed with practice of reading and writing.
  2. Please refer to the previous question and answer: “Is there proof that Muhammad (pbuh) was really a Prophet of God?” The answer provided to this question proves that Muhammad (pbuh) was a Prophet of God and the fact that the Quran was revealed to Muhammad is in itself proof that the Quran is God’s word.  God only reveals his word to his chosen prophets.
  3. The Quran provides overwhelming proof that God is it’s author. When reading the Quran you will notice that God speaks in the first person and is the only speaker. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is never a speak in the Quran. In fact, his name is only mentioned 4 times in the Quran. 
  4. The language in the Quran was of such a high standard that the most educated of people in language at the time was astonished by words  and composition. The Quran became the gold standard of Arabic which is still the case today. 
  5. The Quran is rhythmic and poetic and becomes and is beautiful recitation when read.
  6. The Quran contains a mathematical miracle in its structure which again is clear proof that Neither Muhammad (pbuh) nor any man at the time could have produced it.
  7. The Quran contains many miracles and information which Muhammad (pbuh) and the people at the time could have never known about.
  8. The various chapters of the Quran was revealed as solutions to many problems that occurred and is a guide to Muslims for any problem that we find our selves in. Anyone who has a problem and reads the Quran will feel like the Quran is speaking to you personally in relation to your problem.
  9. The Quran teaches Muslims a pure way of life and provides solutions to problems that we may face in our daily lives.
  10. You can read the full chapter on the Quran here.
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