Divine Truth

Divine Truth

The World Today

The world around us is fast changing where indecency and immorality is becoming the norm, where human life is no longer sacred and falsehood is taking over truth. We are living in a world where money and power is everything and how you achieve it, all being through dishonesty just makes you a good business person. People are not ashamed to earn and hoard their billions while they strive to get to the top while millions of people starve all over the world. Our young people are getting lost in this fast changing world influenced by immoral and indecent role models not to mention drugs and other evil influences. Popularity amongst our young today is dependent on how many young girls they can defile and how much wrong they can do. Our young people are heavily influence by pop stars and actors, the wrong kind of role models, and the need to be famous has led them to bulling others and ensuring it is filmed and posted it online.

Abortions that is prohibited in every religion is now allowed prompting our young people to do even more wrong taking away responsibility and accountability and disrespecting the commands of God. The protectors and guardians of our countries give people rights to commit murder and immorality by approving abortion bills and same sex marriage bills and promoting gay rights. These leaders use God in courtrooms as the bases of truth and justice but in their parliaments, they promote murder and immorality in the name of human rights and dignity. Governments who are supposed to be guardians and leaders chase wealth and power even more by murdering millions of people to steal their resources and establish their reign of power over others. The world is filled with hatred towards fellow human beings because their skin colour is different or because they follow a different religions.

Compassion, decency, goodness and truth is fast becoming a thing of the past. The root of this evil is lies – untruth. For as long as man can remember, man has done wrong and to cover up the wrongs we tell lies. Man’s lust for Greed and power has seen them go to the extremes and turning people to lies and falsehood, deceiving people and turning humanity away from God to worship Satanic beliefs. Mankind has fallen so deeply down this path of falsehood, deception and lies that they are blinded by it. The belief in falsehood is so deep-seated that reason and logic and burden of proof is no longer important. With others the ancestral belief in God is what counts and no amount of proof, reason or logic will change their minds.

The big question is why our world has changed to this point and why so many bad things are happening? Why are there so many natural disasters? Why are prayers not answered?  We find ourselves in a world where people no longer fear God. Religious figures who are supposed to be community leaders commit despicable acts without fear of Gods punishment. How then do we expect the rest of humanity to fear God’s punishment when our own religious leaders do not fear God?  People commit mass murder in the name of God!  God’s name and the so called “word of God” we find being changed and lies being preached about God.

We need to return to Truth and in so doing people will see this website as an attack on certain religious beliefs but this is not the case at all. Religion and believe in God for everyone is personal and emotional and so we tend to shut our ears and eyes and we do not want to listen to anything that questions our belief. Imagine you were taught throughout your life to believe in falsehood as truth. Your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents and as far back as you can remember believed this way. How would you ever know if what you believe is really Truth or Falsehood?   

The attack we launch is against falsehood and Satan. In order to realise what is truth and falsehood, we need to open our eyes and hearts and only in so doing will the truth penetrate your hearts. We hope this website will be a guidance to those that is misguided and to those who truly seek truth. 

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