For many years’ religions have been criticised for their beliefs which has resulted in hatred and disrespect amongst people of different religious beliefs. Immorality and murder are being committed in the name of religion. The true belief in God has shifted and it seems Iblis (Satan) has certainly fulfilled his promise in misleading mankind and doing his evil work as he misled so many nations before us causing God’s anger upon them.   

It is the duty of every person who claims to believe in God to constantly seek truth and rout out falsehood. The beliefs of people today have been indoctrinated into them and passed on over generations of false belief much as the polytheists of past generations when they refused to believe in what the prophets of God had taught them. How can the truth enter your heart when your ears and eyes are shut? God is the only one that gives clear guidance to those who seek truth and it is Satan who misguides those who are arrogant and is deaf and blind to the truth.

There are close to 10 000 religions today all claiming that their belief is the true guidance. This shows us how much Satan has taken most people away from the truth.

We will be looking at the two largest monotheistic religions that believe in the Lord of all creations namely Islam and Christianity that follow the guidance of the prophets and belief in God Almighty with varying differences in belief.  

When people are questioned about their beliefs and their books of God they say people question because they do not believe. We must believe yes, but there must also be proof of what we believe in is truth and the scriptures and books we derive our beliefs from is authentic. We forget that Satan has pledged to mislead us from the true path. God did not just tell the prophets “tell the people to believe”. He had to sometimes allow them to perform miracles through his power to prove that HE, God has sent them. Religion is also not based on blind faith. What we believe in must make sense. Many things stated in religious books today do not make sense. This implies that God’s word is not sensible. This is Satan’s way of deceiving us. God is perfect in every way and so is his message which is always clear and concise. God never says one thing but means something else which is what we see in scriptures today. It is mankind that corrupts the word of God.   

The big questions are; can we trust in the books we believe in today? How authentic are they? What is the true religion of God? As the two religions are different in many ways there must be one true religion!

We will endeavour to discuss the basis of each of these religions and how authentic these “books of God” really are. There are several hundred arguments from each religion all claiming to be the true Religion or to believe in the true word of God. There is no way of knowing how true any of these allegations are unless we go directly to the early sources of these religions. The order of discussion will be Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

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